tranny (?) noise

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I've had the EXACT same problem, ultimately requiring a new stereo to cure
the problem.  I replaced the tranny myself (and I thought I was pretty
accurate with driveshaft alignment-but how accurate could I be with a 2x4?).
Same deal, pulling up on the shifter takes away the noise.  Hard
acceleration/braking stops noise.  It's been going on now for 20,000
miles-no louder, no softer.  Car is driven 100 miles everyday, so non-use
isn't an issue.

Any other ideas?


Charlie McCoy

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>Drive-shaft center support bearing. Typical failure
>mode is noisy when cold or after long periods of

In my case the noise doesn't particularly correlate with either cold
weather or periods of disuse. However the noise was first noticed
some months after the tranny/driveline had been pulled for oil-seal
replacement (input shaft). So I guess it's possible that the
driveshaft was not properly aligned when reinstalled (by the shop).
However this noise  seems to be coming from below the front-seat area
(not towards the rear), and it also seems unlikely that moderate
pressure on the shifter would be able to influence a noise caused by
the drive-shaft bearing (?).  I suspect a bearing in the front diff.


>--- Linus Toy <linust at> wrote:
>>  At 12:14 AM 3/14/2002 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
>>  >A while ago I described a kind of very faint noise
>>  (almost a scraping
>>  >or grinding sound) from the vicinity of
>>  tranny--below the shifter. It
>>  I hear something similar in my car...mostly in cold
>  > weather.  It is erratic
>>  in nature, except that it appears to be
>  > gear-dependent--i.e. I'll hear it
>  > in 1, 3 or 5 on one morning, 2 or 4 on other
>>  mornings.  I've also been told
>>  it is common with these trannies (016) but I never
>>  heard anything like this
>>  in my 4kcsq.  Been like this since I got this car 8
>>  yrs, 80k miles ago.
>>  'fraid I can't offer much more.
>>  --Linus
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