tranny (?) noise

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Mar 14 13:11:14 EST 2002

At 11:39 AM -0500 3/14/02, Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:
>I think some of us may have different noises.  Mine (200q20v) is what sounds
>like a metallic rubbing noise only apparent in 3rd and 5th gears while
>coasting.  Noise is not apparent during acceleration.  Also not present in
>2nd or 4th gears.  Methinks it's an alignment problem with the linkage.  I
>had new trans mounts installed with clutch replacement.  Noise has been
>present since I bought the car ~60k miles ago.  It is REALLY anoying at

Yes, this sounds quite similar to my "problem". But it has progressed 
from "some gears" to "all gears" over the past 20K miles. Linkage 
alignment correction would be a nice easy way out (if it works), but 
how to proceed?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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