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Fri Mar 15 19:44:19 EST 2002

At 2:26 PM -0700 3/15/02, steveb wrote:
>	My isv seems to be ok know but, when the car has ran just sitting
>there it of course gets hot when the fan kicks on there is a serious load
>and the car goes from idle at 800 rpm to half that then back up is this
>normal. Or do I need to change something.

No, it's normal.  It takes a bit for the engine to recover from the 
load increase, which is rather substantial.  Our cars have a 
lightened flywheel compared to other I5 engines, which probably 
doesn't help.  Insufficient current from the battery may aggravate 
the problem, but I think you're just seeing normal behavior.

As one lister mentioned, it shouldn't be the "stage three" fan. 
Stage 1 is the A/C-is-on speed, quite low+quiet, usually you can't 
tell it is on unless you listen closely/have the hood up/etc.  Stage 
II is loud and comes on usually around the small dot in the middle of 
the gauge(I think, don't remember exactly.)  Stage III activation is 
usually quite rare.  It's basically a last-ditch effort by the car to 
cool itself and is very close to the boiling point for the coolant.

When it activates, even if you're inside the car, you'll swear 
someone just turned on a massive jet engine under your hood and 
anyone standing near the car will get a fairly big surprise.  It will 
also -severely- load the electrical system(like, you'll be lucky if 
you see 11V at the voltmeter while it's running.)

Stage III only came on in my 200q20v last year idling in a parking 
lot in 98 degree weather, A/C on full, in the full sun(black car, 
black interior.)  It sucked the electrical system down so low I drove 
the car around the block very lightly(also to get it to cool down.) 
I've owned the car for 4-5 years now, and I had a 5000 before that 
for a few years, and this was the first time I had heard the Stage 
III fan on a type 44.

PS:in the future, please type your subject lines using proper 
capitalization and please try to make it a little more descriptive. 
A good example would have been "radiator fan- is this behavior 
normal?"  Much appreciated.
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