they like me they really like me

tornado rose pjrose at
Sat Mar 16 10:51:59 EST 2002

this is my first posting since I got the internet chip in my ecu but 
they forgot to enable the punctuation option so i hope you don't have 
much trouble reading

last week my maintenance couple took me out to the mall and left me 
in the parking lot
then a guy came over and stuck a small card into my front door
when my maintenance couple came back they saw the little card
it had some writing which said

love your audi
when you are
ready to sell it
please call me

my longhair maintenance unit seemed pleased and so was her partner nohair
nohair said to longhair haha no one   ever   said that about your explorer
lonhair smiled
i was happy too but i hope they dont want to sell me yet


ps i dont know what is an explorer but maybe it was the silly 
overweight green thing that used to live next to me in the driveway
tornado rose
rochester ny

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