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Phil Rose pjrose at
Sat Mar 16 13:51:03 EST 2002

>I am new to the list, a new owner of a '91 200 20V.  I have read some
>info on aftermarket boost gagues.  Seems like people use VDO or Autometer.
>Does anyone know if these gauges come with all the necessary
>hardware/fittings to hook it up?  Also, do people have a preference for
>tying it into the ECU pressure transducer line or some other
>manifold/turbo line?  What would be the most harmless tie in point if the
>system suddenly developed a leak?  I want to mount the gauge in the
>glovebox for spot checks of boost pressure and troubleshooting.

I have my boost gauge (a decent, inexpensive one from JC Whitney) 
stashed in the glove box when not needed. The hose is run to a "T" 
that I inserted a few inches ahead of the ECU hose fitting. This 
arrangement requires perhaps the least length of hose and is probably 
the easiest for plumbing (i.e., access). I didn't like the flimsy 
plastic "T" fittings that seems to be ubiquitous in auto-parts stores 
like Pep Boys. Instead I bought a nice, solid brass T (about 
$2)--made for aquarium pump hoses--and available in many pet shops.

The JC Whitney gauge is lighted, but I've not bothered to hook it up. 
I imagine that it could easily be powered from the glovebox light.


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