LRP PCA event

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Mar 16 13:48:48 EST 2002

Tagged along with my father to a PCA event(still going on, I left 
after 1 day, too bored for the most part) and out of the middle of 
the blue someone calls my name...turn around, there's Paul Krummins 
and Neil Swanson(two really shady characters! :-)  They'd come over 
for the day with Paul's mid-70's 911; he just wanted to see what it 
was like to throw around the track(he had an awesome time, running on 
Yoko AVS's etc, no major modifications save some sort of engine swap 
that had been done a long time ago by a PO.)

Neil let escape some of his knowledge from 20+ years of pro photo 
work, which I happily snapped up, and the two of us fired off a whole 
lot of film, him real, mine digital.

Sure hope his results were better than mine; despite panning and 
plenty of depth of field, cars just kept coming up blurry for no 
apparent reason, as if they were out of focus(see DOF comment) or 
motion-blurred(see comment about panning; further, I was following 
Neil's guidelines on shutter speed.)  I think I simply wasn't panning 
smoothly enough; Scott J has recommended I invest in a bogene monopod 
for stability, I was thinking along the same lines.

Anyhoo, I did walk away with a small number of good shots.  One of the best:

as always, free for personal enjoyment, do not reproduce/sell/rip 
off, yadda yadda :-)

At one point, one of those Lexus SC's rolled into the paddock area, 
and Neil announced, "look, it's the fat TT!"

"Complete with the trophy wife option."

"I was just thinking that."

Fair selection of Audis, none on track(well, a corner worker had a A4 
1.8t and took the chance to rip around the first 1/4 of the track to 
his station :-)

-early 100 CS w/dealer plates pulls up a row or two over from me in 
the morning.  Several Porsche owners emit various teasing comments. 
"You guys got something against Audi owners, eh?" We all had a good 
laugh or two talking about if it rained he should take it out, etc.

-90q20v, silver, slammed(blech), euro lights, and some sort of 
aftermarket wheels.  Eh.

-A6, fairly recent vintage, heavily tinted windows.  Either mummy's 
borrowed car, or Daddy's Little Princess car.  Sported a dent about 5 
times larger than mine, but on the side.  Rude family; said "good 
evening" to them the night before at the hotel and neither cared to 
respond.  She spent most of the event sitting in the car with the 
engine running.

-One silver A6 4.2 with aftermarket basketweave style wheels.

-Debadged 100 with steel rims.  Very young driver.  Driving by, he 
managed a triple-take looking at my car

Oh, and lastly, the PCA guys were grumbling that "it better not 
rain"...not because they'd have to switch tires+slow down, but 
apparently quattros appear out of the woodwork when it rains at LRP 

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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