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I don't know if this is like too totally basic or
obvious or what, but I found that with my Mavica I can
hold the shutter button down a bit and the camerd will
auto-focus and get all adjusted and stuff and be ready
to trigger instantly when I dperess the shutter button
the last little bit. I've had some success getting
difficult and action shots doing this. No idea if all
digital cameras do this...



--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> Tagged along with my father to a PCA event(still
> going on, I left 
> after 1 day, too bored for the most part) and out of
> the middle of 
> the blue someone calls my name...turn around,
> there's Paul Krummins 
> and Neil Swanson(two really shady characters! :-) 
> They'd come over 
> for the day with Paul's mid-70's 911; he just wanted
> to see what it 
> was like to throw around the track(he had an awesome
> time, running on 
> Yoko AVS's etc, no major modifications save some
> sort of engine swap 
> that had been done a long time ago by a PO.)
> Neil let escape some of his knowledge from 20+ years
> of pro photo 
> work, which I happily snapped up, and the two of us
> fired off a whole 
> lot of film, him real, mine digital.
> Sure hope his results were better than mine; despite
> panning and 
> plenty of depth of field, cars just kept coming up
> blurry for no 
> apparent reason, as if they were out of focus(see
> DOF comment) or 
> motion-blurred(see comment about panning; further, I
> was following 
> Neil's guidelines on shutter speed.)  I think I
> simply wasn't panning 
> smoothly enough; Scott J has recommended I invest in
> a bogene monopod 
> for stability, I was thinking along the same lines.
> Anyhoo, I did walk away with a small number of good
> shots.  One of the best:
> as always, free for personal enjoyment, do not
> reproduce/sell/rip 
> off, yadda yadda :-)
> At one point, one of those Lexus SC's rolled into
> the paddock area, 
> and Neil announced, "look, it's the fat TT!"
> "Complete with the trophy wife option."
> "I was just thinking that."
> Fair selection of Audis, none on track(well, a
> corner worker had a A4 
> 1.8t and took the chance to rip around the first 1/4
> of the track to 
> his station :-)
> -early 100 CS w/dealer plates pulls up a row or two
> over from me in 
> the morning.  Several Porsche owners emit various
> teasing comments. 
> "You guys got something against Audi owners, eh?" We
> all had a good 
> laugh or two talking about if it rained he should
> take it out, etc.
> -90q20v, silver, slammed(blech), euro lights, and
> some sort of 
> aftermarket wheels.  Eh.
> -A6, fairly recent vintage, heavily tinted windows. 
> Either mummy's 
> borrowed car, or Daddy's Little Princess car. 
> Sported a dent about 5 
> times larger than mine, but on the side.  Rude
> family; said "good 
> evening" to them the night before at the hotel and
> neither cared to 
> respond.  She spent most of the event sitting in the
> car with the 
> engine running.
> -One silver A6 4.2 with aftermarket basketweave
> style wheels.
> -Debadged 100 with steel rims.  Very young driver. 
> Driving by, he 
> managed a triple-take looking at my car
> Oh, and lastly, the PCA guys were grumbling that "it
> better not 
> rain"...not because they'd have to switch tires+slow
> down, but 
> apparently quattros appear out of the woodwork when
> it rains at LRP 
> :-)
> Brett
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> temporary
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