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The biggest issue for VW/Audi owners in California may be the future of the TDI. How cool would a 2.5 liter TDI Allroad be? (<---AC) We won't see it here even if it was to be imported to the states... Also the Golf and Jetta TDIs' future here looks poor. 
   For the uninitiated, a TDI is a direct injected turbo diesel that get 45 to 50 real world mpg in golf and Jetta form and is a pleasure to drive. Quiet, decent power, lots of torque and no visible smoke. 650 to 700 miles per tank of fuel. I drove from Death Valley to Santa Cruz, CA on one tank before.
     I recently saw an electric vehicle with a license plate surround that said something like "Electric Vehicle__OK to breathe".  I wonder if they noticed the mountain of coal next to the power plant a few miles down Highway one? I think not....

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  If you're interested in a different "take" on issues of safety, emissions, fuel economy, and small trucks, you might find this site interesting:
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