Instrument cluster problems

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Mar 18 09:54:10 EST 2002

Look here ( for 
procedure to fix your exact symptoms.


At 8:38 AM +0100 3/18/02, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>The high beam indicator and the turn signal indicators in the
>instrument cluster in my 200q20v are dimly lit all the time with the
>lights on. At the same time, one bulb behind the speedometer doesn't
>work, but I know the bulb is ok. I had this before, pulled the IC and
>rocked the rear cover back and forth a few times, and everything was
>ok. I know this has happened to 200q20v owners before, but does anyone
>actually know where in the IC this problem is located?
>E. Spangen
>'90 Audi 200TQ 20v

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