Throttle Body and Mirror Switch??

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Mar 18 11:25:44 EST 2002

>Hi Guys,
>The other night, I lost the use of my accelerator peddle
>while driving down the highway. Close inspection determines
>that the plastic sleeve around the cable where it attache to
>the throttle body has broken in half. A new linkage costs
>HUGE BUCKS!!!!! Any body want to part out a used one?? Glue
>and twist ties are NOT working.

Baling wire (and/or a small-size nylon wire tie) does work. BTDoingT.

For those of us who have not already broken the plastic retainer for 
the end of the throttle-cable, I'd suggest two things:

(1) check the throttle cable length (adjuster) to make sure that when 
the throttle pedal is fully depressed the cable has enough slack to 
avoid overstressing the retainer--yet keeping it adjusted to assure 
that WOT is attained.

(2) apply a wrap (or two) of wire or nylon tie to reinforce that 
plastic cable-end holder  _before_ it breakes.


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