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MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio - January 30, 2002 - Valentine's Day gives 
everyone an opportunity to express their love for those they hold 
near and dear to their heart - even if their loved one stays in the 
garage and weighs a couple of tons.

According to a countrywide survey on progressive.com, the Web site of 
Progressive Auto Insurance (http://www.progressive.com) a whopping 78 
percent of respondents say they love their car, 37 percent name it 
and 63 percent talk to it.

The survey also found that 15 percent of respondents plan on 
purchasing a gift for their car this Valentine's Day. And, while 
those taking the survey claim that the car is less important to them 
than a spouse/significant other, kids, job and house/apartment, if 
they could afford only one item, they are almost three times more 
likely to buy a new car stereo (42 percent) and over two times more 
likely to have their car detailed (34 percent) than they are to buy 
expensive perfume or cologne for their spouse or significant other 
(15 percent).

The survey also found that the majority of respondents (71 percent) 
say they are so protective of their car that they prefer no one else 
drives it. And, they love their cars so much that it drives 83 
percent of respondents to purchase full coverage auto insurance.

While 43 percent of the survey respondents consider the four-wheeled 
object in the garage as a real-life member of the family, 38 percent 
of them keep a picture of their car and 21 percent of them love their 
car more than their mothers-in-law, it is nice to know that, given a 
choice of how to spend a Saturday afternoon, more respondents report 
opting to spend it with their spouse or significant other than 
washing and polishing the car.

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