Throttle Body and Mirror Switch??

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at
Mon Mar 18 11:43:57 EST 2002

Ah, yes!  I know the feeling well.  I was lucky enough to get a scrap 5kt
throttle body and CAREFULLY cut the plastic holder off that and modified it
to fit the 200q20v.  Yes, it comes only as part of the throttle body and is
not available seperately to the tune of ~$600 if memory serves.  I had tried
JB weld before that and that lasted all of a couple of days.

I agree with Phil that you should have someone depress the throttle
completely to check for any slack (should be just a little) so as to avoid
this situation.  When it happened to me I was demonstrating the power of the
car to a New York Audifans lister who was in town on business.  How
embarrassing.  Funny how these things usually happen at the most inopportune

'91 200q20v with a few mods...+ '83 Urquattro

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