Left-front-fender sound absorber? Yeah or Nay?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 18 16:38:43 EST 2002

Can someone who has not had their left-front fender
replaced let me know if there is a "sound absorber" in
the rear of the fender?  It's a panel (flexible foamed
plastic?) that fits into the end of the fender where
it faces the door hinge.  If it's not there you can
see the blue plastic (vacuum?) cannister and
side-marker light wiring, etc. inside the fender.  

I recently noticed that I have one of these panels in
my right fender but not in my left after having the
left replaced a few months ago.  Now I don't recall if
one should be there or not.  I assume one should, but
the family album is unclear.  It shows one for the
left fender on the illustration (117-00), but the text
only mentions one for the right fender.  I'm confused!

Can someone have a look at their fender in front of
the driver-door hinge and let me know what's there? 



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