Intercooler upgrades..

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Mar 20 00:06:28 EST 2002

At 5:29 PM -0800 3/19/02, CL Wong wrote:
>I wonder if anyone has tried hooking up an intercooler
>spritzer like the one in this link:

   I have one, bought it used from a VW 1.8t owner.  It's sitting in a 
box, because I've so far been stumped as to how to get good coverage 
on the IC from a spritzer(he included one, but its a cone spray.)

   I'm open to suggestions.  I was sort of thinking of some sort of 
arrangement with several small sprayers along a PVC pipe(ie like a 
fuel rail.)  The challenge is setting up something that won't drip 
water out the front of the car("hey buddy, yer Owdie is leaking 
somethin.")  A catalog for drip/small spray irrigation just arrived a 
few days ago, and has the wheels turning again.

I was planning on running a pipe along the undercarriage, zip-tied to 
a brake or fuel line, and into the trunk, where I was going to use a 
few-gallon sized flexible membrane water bag for storing the water.

It's really too bad water injection, which would also work well, eats 
through exhausts like crazy(or so I'm told.)

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