Door locking hijinks

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Wed Mar 20 16:32:56 EST 2002


      Now that the car is up and running in top shape again..(better than before actually, i finally saw 1.8 bar thanks to a much improved distributor and proper weather conditions)..I am finding smaller things to fiddle with, one of them being the locking system.  It used to be that when i would turn the key in the drivers side door, all the doors would lock and the horn would chirp.  About two weeks ago, turning the drivers side lock made the drivers door lock and the horn chirp, but did not lock the other doors or the trunk.  Now the only way to lock the other doors and set the alarm to to turn the lock in both the passenger and drivers side doors.  What could this be?  Electrical?  Mechanical?  Black Magic?

Sincerely Yours,
Adam Chinchiolo

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