Euro lights install

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Mar 21 11:21:11 EST 2002

At 11:58 AM -0800 3/20/02, motogo1 wrote:
>I'm starting a Euro headlight transplant on my 91 200. I've got info from
>the net about building a wiring harness with relays for these babies, but
>being a 'basic knowledge' kind of guy with regards to things electrical, I
>thought I'd ask if anybody that has done one of these projects would share
>some info. Any info on what kind of relays, inline fuses, connectors, etc
>with specifics and sources and tips on the install would be greatly
>appreciated. TIA

Gary, I highly recommend the Blau harness.  The quality of assembly 
is very impressive.  They include full hardware(including a circuit 
breaker/fuse combo), some nice instructions, and some extras...for 
example, a switch can be put in the passenger compartment that 
controls whether the aux driving light beams come on with the high 
beams or not.  They even throw in the switch(granted, its a generic, 
not an Audi switch, but...)

The wires are nicely crimped, all consistently color-coded, crimped 
very nicely with heatshrink tubing perfectly cut+positioned over the 
crimps; they use a real relay block, etc.  I think it's well worth 
the cost.  I just have to actually get around to installing mine :-)

The only way it could have been better was if they used the official 
Audi boot connector to hook up to the lights(they used a generic 
4-pin connector that has the right spacing.)

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