CV joint KaBoom

Brian Link brianl at
Thu Mar 21 09:34:33 EST 2002

The otter CV?
Yes It is easier to do the whole shaft if you can't replace the outer CV 
joint while the inner joint is still connected.  I have heard that the 
whole shafts you can buy for cheap are rebuilt and not re-hardened after 
the re-build so they don't hold up as long.  Can someone confirm that.  I 
replaced just my outer passenger side only and it wasn't too bad, just 


From: "Mike Miller" <MikeMilr at>
To: "200qlist" <200q20v at>
Subject: CV joint KaBoom
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 21:00:06 -0700

So the outside temp is sitting right on 0 - I pull into about a foot of
unplowed snow in a parking lot - decide there must be better places to
park - back out 15feet, go forward 10 feet and GRIND - passenger side CV
joint is tossing pieces all over the snow.

Anyone have recommendations for repair?

As I recall it is easier to order the whole 1/2 shaft.

Any BTDT on the repair? Special tools needed?

Just as an added bonus - I borrowed an 89 chev 4x4 PU - wouldn't even make
my driveway that the 200q had no problems with.

mike miller

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