CV joint KaBoom

Charles Baer charlie at
Thu Mar 21 10:53:05 EST 2002

Gleason's design for the Torsen doesn't really "sense" anything and
then respond.  The outputs are coupled with what are essentially worm
gears.  By giving the same massive mechanical advantage to each wheel,
you have to lose a bunch of grip before the drive force can overcome the
urge to spin a wheel.

Broken CV == no resistance on that axle so it will spin free.

- Charlie

Mike Miller wrote:
> I am curious as to why a broken outer CV joint would totally disable the car
> from moving - why wouldn't the torsen sense a spinning front wheel and
> transfer power to the rear?  There must be something easy I am missing here.
> That, or something else spewed metal and bearings all over the parking lot.
> Prices I am seeing are $120 for the whole reman 1/2 shaft and $220 for just
> the outer CV joint kit.
> mike miller
> helmville montana.

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