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Thu Mar 21 22:13:13 EST 2002

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> Paul and Mike,
> Point of interest.  Were either of your KaBooms giving the normal previous
> warnings, the clicking sounds when turning under load?
> Bernie

No indication at all. My first thought was that I had blown the clutch
somehow - ie, engine turns, makes grinding noise after loud pop and car
doesn't move. I had replaced the front UFO brakes about a month ago - no
tearing of the boots on either side at all.

I pulled into a parking lot and headed into 8-10 inches of snow - decided to
park in a lesser snow area - backed up maybe 15 feet, turned the wheel, went
forward maybe 3 feet and @#$% - gone. Outside temp was sub 5 above.

I am getting quotes in Missoula ( 70 miles away) of $120 parts for the new
1/2 shaft and $125 ( 2hrs) labor. I just have to get it there. Likely have a
friend flat bed it. I did notice in the Bentley that it warns against moving
the vehicle with the axle/CV joint removed  - can cause wheel bearing
damage. I am tempted to have the wheel bearing replaced as long as they are
in there. I haven't priced that yet.

mike miller
helmville, mt

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