Tie rod seperated from end.

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> I wouldn't drive to Aspen with G60s on a 200Q-20V, even with good tie rods.
> Bernie

Bernie, sometimes I wonder about you UFO diehards. I don't want to start a 
debate, (but it may be too late).  I have made this trip dozens of times in 
my old 5000 Avant, and once in my 200, loaded heavily with gear, and I 
frequently pull a snowmobile trailer.  Even with a load I suspect that I have 
more stopping power than most normal cars.  

However I must admit, I have only once driven a 200 with UFO's and did notice 
a little better stopping power during a high speed test stop from 120 to 

By chance do you have a used tie you can overnight me so I can go "cheat 
death" in the mountains again.

Maybe someday I will pay for the errors in my ways.  If so, I will make sure 
you are the first to know!  

OOPS! It is 8:00 and I have to start calling for parts.


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