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This should connect to a vacuum line at the rear of the intake manifold.
This line should run alongside the valve cover, under a heat shield maybe. I
can't believe the old bypass valve didn't have this connection. Wierd... See
<>  for details on this valve.
Make sure the large connection opposite the small one is connected to the
turbo intake hose.

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i recently installed a new by pass valve that i got from blaufrgnugen this
is a bosch 030401450710a wich can be used on the aan engine also. my
question is, this has three ends 1to the turbo intake 1to the turbo outlet
and the other one were does it go,because my old bypass valve only had the 2
connecters to the big hoses, now this one has the little nipple on the
diaphram wich i have no idea were it goes.

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