tie rod seperated from end

Chris Locke clocke at audisport.com
Sat Mar 23 17:38:57 EST 2002

Last I knew, the end of the tie rod end (department of
redundancy department?) was tapered, and you're not going to
get a good weld anywhere there.  One part is hardened, the
other is not, and with a thin tie rod end, and trying to
weld it to a sturdy piece of round stock, I wouldn't trust
the weld at all.  You would be stressing the weld in the
wrong direction for strength.  I wouldn't push it.  If you
do go ahead and weld it, driving 20 miles isn't going to
hurt anything if it's not aligned properly.  Wear your front
tires a bit?  sure, but that's about it.  I think you said
the tie rod was rusted too, so there were no threads.  You
can't "fill" a gap with a weld.  I do a considerable amount
of welding, if it matters, and this is one i'd steer clear
of (I couldn't resist that one!!!!)
Chris Locke
'91 2C20VTQ
'86 4KCSTQ

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