tie rod seperated from end

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Sun Mar 24 15:42:19 EST 2002

No problem, I personally think your opinion is dead nuts on.  I also think 
that Bernie isn't really thinking on this one, bad Bernie.  The problem with 
"trying" this temp fix is that NO ONE in their right mind would do it *nor* 
recommend it.  It's risky at best.  Get a friggin tow truck, the whole bill 
won't be much more than the cost of parts anyhow; every mechanic of any 
vehicle has btdt, this problem isn't unique to audi...  So although the parts 
maybe, you are only adding markup, and if you shop a couple garages, you 
might even get one that will install your parts.  

As a shop owner, I'd also opin that if a customer came into my shop with the 
"fix" described, I'd only agree with a total replacement of "all" the 
components that were close to the "weld".  This discussion is goofy, and 
potentially deadly.  EVERY single repair doesn't have to be a DIY, you should 
do as many as you can, and put the force majeur type into a shop and use a 
fraction of the money you saved on your other DIY projects to pay for this.  
BTDT as a shop owner, the ultimate "ouch".

Chris, no apology necessary.  IME/O this thread is way beyond the fair and 
reasonable, and into the cheap and dangerous.  You need not apologize for 

My .02

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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clocke at audisport.com writes:

very sorry I seem to have made some people upset.  No
threads.  The threads are what hold these two pieces
together.  A small welded seam no more than 1/16" deep will
not withstand the forces put upon it by trying to pull the
tie-rod from the tie-rod end with a 3200# car.  The heat
affected zone will harden and become brittle because these
two pieces are not designed to be welded along their axis.
I offer my humble apologies, however I will not retract my
opinion.  My advise is given only with the best thoughts of
the driver, his safety, and the safety of all others he
passes on the road as he drives his 20 miles home.  

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