Blue smoke at startup ++

Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at
Mon Mar 25 22:19:23 EST 2002

My 200q20v leaves a cloud of blue smoke when first starting up in the
morning. The car has got 160k miles. Any ideas on why it smokes? 

In addition, I get a whistling noise just after startup with cold
engine, anybody know anything about this? 

The car won't give more that 1.5 bar on the gauge, usually only 1.4,
and that only over 3000 rpms, so something is not right. It whistles
under boost too. The MM hose is ok. Is the part where the intercooler
pipe connects to the intercooler prone to leaking?

E. Spangen
'90 Audi 200TQ 20v

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