3B and AAN oil pan incompatibility

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 25 17:06:30 EST 2002

Hi listers,
I'm unhappy to report that using an AAN windage tray is not possible
w/ a 3B engine, regardless of what I've been told. The oil pickup
support, dipstick and other stuff interfere, requiring pretty much
the entire windage tray to be cut in order to make it fit, which is
no good.

If you've BTDT and successfully fitted an AAN windage tray to a 3B,
I'd like to know _exactly_ what you've done to make it work, because
to my knowledge now, it definitely does not work. Removing the oil
pickup support is not an option, according to my mechanic- subsequent
failure of the pickup due to stress would cause instant loss of oil
pressure, a very bad result.

At least my dealership accepted my parts return.


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