Electric anomalies

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Mar 25 22:30:07 EST 2002

Just thought I'd note a couple of observations I've made since I resolved 
my charging problems through having a fried alternator rebuilt.

First thing that happened when I drove the car after reinstalling the 
alternator was the HVAC blower came on by itself.  Through most of this 
winter, I've been relying on Ingo's trick of opening a window briefly at 
~50 mph to "kickstart" the blower.  I have a new blower motor on hand for 
replacement, but haven't wanted to tackle that project in the dead of 
winter.  Anyway, the improved electric output from the renewed alternator 
seems to have helped the motor start on its own.  I'm guessing the blower 
motor still is in poor condition.

Prior to the alternator puking, I'd noticed the rear window defrost switch 
didn't want to stay on while the car was cold.  I figured it was gummed up 
inside and needed cleaning because it worked OK after the cabin was warmed 
up some.  Now, however, it operates right away, so, again, I'm guessing the 
poor electric output caused some of this problem too.

Finally, I noticed several times this winter that when I turned on the 
lights, the directional signal arrows would glow slightly.  I slap of the 
dashboard would turn them off.  I figure it's that solder joint on the IC 
that needs attention.  I've not seen this in the weeks since the alternator 

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