Blue smoke at startup ++

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Mar 26 00:26:26 EST 2002

Hmm, well, here's some shots in the dark.

At 10:19 PM +0100 3/25/02, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>My 200q20v leaves a cloud of blue smoke when first starting up in the
>morning. The car has got 160k miles. Any ideas on why it smokes?

Might be related to below, might not.  Oil level is half way between 
min+max, yes?

>In addition, I get a whistling noise just after startup with cold
>engine, anybody know anything about this?

Hmm, that doesn't sound encouraging, but I wonder why you only get it 
when the engine is cold.  Maybe have someone else start the car up 
while you listen(with hood up)?

You can of course check the turbo.  Should be very little play in any 
direction(like, next to none) on the turbo shaft, and should spin 
somewhat freely.  Also check the hose coming off the turbo for oil.

>The car won't give more that 1.5 bar on the gauge, usually only 1.4,

Is it smooth, or stumbling?  Does it pull strongly+quickly to 1.4/1.5 
bar?  How's the mileage?  Any codes?

>and that only over 3000 rpms, so something is not right. It whistles
>under boost too. The MM hose is ok. Is the part where the intercooler
>pipe connects to the intercooler prone to leaking?

Yes, it's a horrible design.  If you want, remove the trim pieces etc 
and pull the IC and replace that o-ring, but I'm guessing its not the 
problem.  A check for oil around that joint usually turns up quite a 
bit of oil/dirt, but not much of a leak.

Might want to do a step-by-step trace of the entire intake system 
checking clamps and such.  I left a clamp very loose on the 
pipe->throttle hose, that wasn't fun...

Some other wild a$$ guesses:

-leaky injectors(maybe try a bottle of techron full strength stuff?)
-busted fuel pressure regulator(long shot, but they have been known 
to go bad on the V8, for example, leaking fuel into the IM through 
the vacuum line; should be very easy to check, just pull off the 
control line and see if it leaks)

In the meantime, drive the car -very- gently.  Sarge lost his 200q20v 
in a very similar way(suddenly started belching smoke on startup), 
although it was chipped...

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