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Depends on how you interpert the question. Physically
it has two, but only one is used, the in open-circuit.

Speculation alert...

Both the sedan and avant have the windscreen antenna,
prolly just for parts commonality. The avant
functionally uses only the (failure prone) Fuba
amplified roof-mounted antenna. It would make sense
(Audi make sense? :) that the avant would only have
the one connecter and cable for the roof-mounted
antenna. My guess is that only the sedan's Bose radio
has the dual-diversity antenna support and not the
Delta radio in the avant.

Questions of the day:

Is 'avant' capitilized by Audi? Is 'sedan'?



--- Robert T <haudido at> wrote:

<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>does the '91
200 tq 20-v wagon come with one or two radio antennae
connectors to hook up with the radio?</DIV>
<DIV>my wagon came with an aftermarket radio which i'm
replacing and can only find one antennae
connector.&nbsp; i see an antennae on my windshield,
as well as the Fuba antennae on the roof.&nbsp; oem
windshield has antennae?</DIV>
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