CV joint KaBoom

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Tue Mar 26 10:34:48 EST 2002

Sorry for the delay in the reply.

Ditto.  I had zero warning.  The first hint of trouble was when I was pulling
out of stopped traffic onto a side street.  Full lock right from a stop.  I
heard a clunk.  I was worried.  I drove about a block and pulled into a parking
lot.  I checked for anything obviously wrong.  Saw nothing.  Backed up to find a
parking spot, when I went to move forward, I heard a clunking/griding noise, the
engine revved, but the car did not move.  Thoughts of multi thousand $$
transmissions danced in my head.  I pushed the car into a stop, and went to the
hockey game I was going to.

After the game, my buddy came back with me. With the extra set of eyes, we were
able to determine that the 1/2 shaft was spinning, but the wheel was not, so bad

Mike Miller wrote:
> From: "Bernie Benz" <b.m.benz at>
> >
> > Point of interest.  Were either of your KaBooms giving the normal previous
> > warnings, the clicking sounds when turning under load?
> No indication at all. My first thought was that I had blown the clutch
> somehow - ie, engine turns, makes grinding noise after loud pop and car
> doesn't move. I had replaced the front UFO brakes about a month ago - no
> tearing of the boots on either side at all.

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