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Just based on those limited figures I'll go out on a tree I've never climbed
before and say that winding the rpm's up past 3500 would be an easy daily
thing to do when accelerating (with spirit) any open road, straight street,
or highway on ramp would provide sufficient room for that, so go with the
project!  "Lugging" the motor is bad for it unless one's careful to slowly
warm it up to operating temperature and keep the manifold? pressures low ( I
watch the (boost) bar gauge in the computer and never go past 0.6 or so until
warmed up.  Then I even watch to not to go past 0.9 while cruising (5th gear)
unless overtaking traffic which = downshift and 1.3/4 bar (10v) and 5k RPM's.
 Once you feel the power you'll more than likely use it OFTEN.
-Scott in BOSTON

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> Query:  Is it fair to say that the K24 outperforms the RS2 until
> 3500rpm?

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