[s-cars] To RS2 or Not? (longish)

CaptMagu at aol.com CaptMagu at aol.com
Tue Mar 26 13:44:16 EST 2002


First, I don't think that your comparison between Mance's dyno numbers and
Jeremy's are necessarily a fair representation. Pete Tsai's computer
manipulations had a 25% drive train loss factored into Mance's dyno run. I
don't know what if any drivetrain loss was factored into Jeremy's run.

Even given the possible reduction in the difference between the 2 sets of
numbers, I favor going with the larger turbo. You say that you spend most of
your time at 2200-3200 rpm. Why not downshift to a lower gear. As one who
drives an S4 with 3700 rpm as the peak boost point(PBP), I simply don't find
any problems in heavy traffic or full boost runs into the mountains. The
other side of this is that once you and your car enter into the world of
nirvana that is higher boost and increased flow, you will search for
opportunities to allow your car to stretch its legs. Your mileage will
decrease(YMWD). Another point that gets forgotten here is injectors. Many
listers have had problems being under fueled. RC 310cc @ 3.0 bar injectors
with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator are a great addition. The other
side to consider is a turbo other than the RS2. TEC with Garrett and the
others that mlp has mentioned are IMO far superior to the KKK. Be careful as
you enter this phase of your moodifications. Your wallet will suffer (YWWS).

Hap, Hawaiian shirt at the ready, Maguire

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