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have any work done on the frond end - struts/axles, etc:
- I am wondering whether the full lock turn disengaged the CV joint from
the axleshaft -

BTDT on my CQ when I replace my outer CV, then R&R the front struts and let
the lower control arms /drive axles "hang" (chassis supported by jack
stands.) after I reassembled everything, went to leave, had some ugly noise
and no movement.  Checked underneath the car and saw that the CV boot was
twisted and some of the CV balls were "loose" inside the boot.  Luckily my
fiancee was able to re-assemble the CV joint, grease and all, although it
cost her the closest thing she ever had to having nice finger nails (for
our wedding which was a week away at the time).

If that isn't love....


At 10:34 AM 3/26/2002 -0500, Paul R. Luevano wrote:
>Sorry for the delay in the reply.
>Ditto.  I had zero warning.  The first hint of trouble was when I was pulling
>out of stopped traffic onto a side street.  Full lock right from a stop.  I
>heard a clunk.  I was worried.  I drove about a block and pulled into a
>lot.  I checked for anything obviously wrong.  Saw nothing.  Backed up to
>find a
>parking spot, when I went to move forward, I heard a clunking/griding
>noise, the
>engine revved, but the car did not move.  Thoughts of multi thousand $$
>transmissions danced in my head.  I pushed the car into a stop, and went
>to the
>hockey game I was going to.
>After the game, my buddy came back with me. With the extra set of eyes, we
>able to determine that the 1/2 shaft was spinning, but the wheel was not,
>so bad
>Mike Miller wrote:
> >
> > From: "Bernie Benz" <b.m.benz at>
> >
> > >
> > > Point of interest.  Were either of your KaBooms giving the normal
> previous
> > > warnings, the clicking sounds when turning under load?
> >
> > No indication at all. My first thought was that I had blown the clutch
> > somehow - ie, engine turns, makes grinding noise after loud pop and car
> > doesn't move. I had replaced the front UFO brakes about a month ago - no
> > tearing of the boots on either side at all.
> >
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