3B and AAN oil pan incompatibility

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As Scott J. stated, and I'll quote:

Not sure what you are trying to do, I don't believe the oil pickup is
the same on the pan, nor is it the same on the block (AAN uses oring,
the 3b a gasket, and the pipe goes to a different locale in the pan).
If I remember correctly the "restrictor" is already in the 3b motor,
it's just a different design than the AAN.  You should be safe using
034103623 in the 3b.  The only time I've run into this is using the
replacement block from audi which is machined for the oring attachment
(hence AAN pan), not the gasket type.  I'm also fairly certain you *can*
use the "restrictor" ...623A, but to do so, you will need a bunch of AAN
type parts, specifically adding to your list the oil pickup and pan from
the AAN.  To be clear, the gaskets for both pans are the same, the
difference is that you will require more than just 623A if doing a 3B to
AAN conversion.  Since the restrictor on the 3B is a baffle, I really
don't think it's worth the trouble or expense in converting the 3B to
the AAN baffle.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

Scott is correct in that the oil pickup is different and it doesn't


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What is different about the AAN and 3B?
Block is the same, the oil puimp is in the same location.
The pans internal structure (the ribs and dams) is the same, BTDT I have
both and have pics if you would like. Here is one:
If you need more let me know.

> The oil pickup does not clear the AAN windage tray, how would removing

> the pickup and reinstalling it help if it simply doesn't clear the
> tray?

Have you tried?
Please try it.

Martin Pajak


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