[s-cars] To RS2 or Not? (longish)

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Not with you at all here.  "Correction factor" is usually defined as Drive
Line Loss, which means that you take 400hp and put in the DLL of 25% which
would correspond with Mance's 300 measured (uncorrected) HP, and his 398
'estimated'.  The rolling dyno I use in Chicago does the DLL/correction
figuring the same way, but they share it really doesn't matter what's at the
flywheel, so the only printout you get is AT the wheels HP.

I'm also real curious if/how the aluminum flywheel affects the TTG (to the
ground) HP levels.  Should know in another month I suppose.



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Point of clarification:

Mance's dyno run measured 300 bhp at the wheels. There is no disputing
that as a measured value. Per Dynopack's tech support you then add the
correction factor (in this case 25%) to the calculated value to come up
with 375 bhp. What you do not do is take 400 bhp and then discount 25%
to come up with 300 bhp.

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