Rear Window Dead

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Mar 27 10:11:27 EST 2002

C1J1Miller at wrote:
> Start with basics.  Does the rear cigarette lighter work?  Fuse blown?

Is that a valid correlation ?  My rear socket is dead and the windows
are working.  I did a quick fuse box check and couldn't find any blown.

> > Window made a bunch of noise a couple of days ago, and now won't go up or
> > down.
> > I thought maybe there was a fusable link, circuit breaker, or fuse specific
> > for the rear windows, but I have been unable to find anything to confirm
> > that something like this exists.

It sure sounds like a fuse has done one of the jobs it was there for, to
when a jammed motor draws too much current.  Sounds like the first thing
to do
is get power to the motor and test it before you risk the wiring again
by trying
a new fuse.


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