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Perhaps the fuel has been reformulated from "winter" to "summer"
parameters.  Are you in one of the states that requires some "corn oil" in
the fuel?

At 03:08 PM 03/27/2002 -0500, Paul R. Luevano wrote:

>On the subject of mileage, mine seems to have gone *up* for no apparent
>Over the past 2 years, I have got about 16-17mpg around town, 22-23mpg on the
>highway. Evertime I did a tune-up, or made a change the the car, I expected to
>see it move up a bit, but it never did.  It stayed rock solid.  Summer, fall,
>winter, spring, same thing.  A bit lower than I expected, but it seemed to
>with what most other owner see.
>Anyway, over the last 3 tanks or so, I have started to see a dramatic
> >From 16-17mpg around town to 19-20mpg!!! Getting to right around
> 400miles per
>tank before needing to fill up. No changes, no nothing. I'm not
>complaining, but
>it would be nice to know why.
>Still haven't really had her out on the highway yet, to see if that has
>increased proportionally.
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