Broken exhaust manifold studs

DAK dak at
Thu Mar 28 08:00:27 EST 2002

I can say that heat does wonders for freeing steel bolts into aluminum.
The different characteristics of the metals allow the heat to break that
"bond". If you can get the stud cherry red and let it cool, you should
be all set. If you don't have vice grips, you could grid some flats on
the sides of the stud to get a better grip (or to use an open end wrench
on. You might even try the vice grips before using heat. Anyone else had
problems with doing this?


Eyvind Spangen wrote:

>Three exhaust manifold studs snapped today while removing the (_very_
>cracked) exhaust manifold on my '90 200TQ20v. The parts sitting there
>extends 15 to 25 mm from the head.
>How do I remove them? I don't want to attempt this myself before
>asking you all on the list! :-)
>BTW, should all the studs be replaced while I'm in there?
>E. Spangen
>'90 Audi 200TQ 20v
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