[s-cars] To RS2 or Not? (longish)

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Wouldn't want to be questioning the "don"...  But it would appear, er, Mance
is.  Look at the numbers he got Frank, 300rwhp and the printout shows 398.
That's not a 25% markup, that's a markdown.

The way the Mustang (the chassis dyno I use) folks esplayned it to me, is
that you start with the mechanical device MAKING the power and subtract out
"correction = Driveline/mechanical/instrument" losses, and take your measure
of the machine AT the wheels.  If you could measure AT the driveshaft, you
would get a higher number (less driveline loss), if you could measure AT the
flywheel even higher.  So the further "upstream" you go the less the DLL.  I
suppose you could argue it's a "lower" correction/DLL, but neither the wheels
or the driveshaft are making the power you are trying to measure.

IF indeed Dynopak uses the "add up" correction, then Mance's results aren't
valid.  And DLL is not a component of "correction factor".  I personally
think, er, Mance, and physics may not agree with Dynopak's own tech support.

Scott Justusson

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> Just passing along the way it was 'splained to me by the Dynopak tech
> support. Give them a call when you have some time.
> Frank at s-cars.org

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