re. Broken exhaust manifold studs

Ben Swann bswann at
Thu Mar 28 09:40:52 EST 2002

OK - I just got though with this on the 5ktqa and again 9 moths ago on NG
motor, so..

1) DON'T use an easy out/screw extractor of any sort.  No matter how good
they sound, they will snap like butter, compounding your extraction effort.

2) If you can find one, us a reverse out(left hand) drillbit.  Start with a
smaller size like 1/8' then graduate to larger size 1/4".  This will
sometimes catch and extract the stud while you are drilling so you won't
have to -

3) Heli-Coil/Thread-Sert the hole.  Buy a kit, comes with tap.  Drill the
hole as in (2) or if you don't want to pay the $$$$ for revers out bits
then just use colbalt or titanium tipped bits.

Be careful, as the drill bits can snap off too as in (1).

4) Pray!

I also used a mig welder once to weld the borken stud to the part in the
head - that worked well, but the last head, they had all broken off about
1/4" inside -PITA x10.


[Three exhaust manifold studs snapped today while removing the (_very_
cracked) exhaust manifold on my '90 200TQ20v. The parts sitting there
extends 15 to 25 mm from the head.

How do I remove them? I don't want to attempt this myself before
asking you all on the list! :-)

BTW, should all the studs be replaced while I'm in there?
E. Spangen
'90 Audi 200TQ 20v]

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