Broken exhaust manifold studs

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Thu Mar 28 15:56:50 EST 2002

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If there is enough length on the stud, place two nuts back/to/back and back
out the closest to the head.  This will force the stud out because the nut =
locked to the other.  Then replace with new stud.  OR, if you have enough
clearance to get a drill in there (with variable speed) you can use an
"Easy-Out" (R) which will drill into the stud and back it out with the reve=
threaded teeth.  I had to deal with this issue when replacing a header on a
BMW.  The double nut option worked out.

Good luck.

'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)
>From: Eyvind Spangen
>To: quattro at
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>Subject: Broken exhaust manifold studs
>Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:44:49 +0100
>Three exhaust manifold studs snapped today while removing the (_very_
>cracked) exhaust manifold on my '90 200TQ20v. The parts sitting there
>extends 15 to 25 mm from the head.
>How do I remove them? I don't want to attempt this myself before
>asking you all on the list! :-)
>BTW, should all the studs be replaced while I'm in there?
>E. Spangen
>'90 Audi 200TQ 20v
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