To RS2 or Not

Brian Link brianl at
Thu Mar 28 10:34:27 EST 2002

I'm running the garret hybrid turbo from TEC, with MTM code (22 psi at 5300
ft)  The k-24 was making lots of noise, so I knew I would be needing to
make a the same decision as you.  re-build the k-24, new rs-2 or hybrid.
Pros of the hybrid:  lots more power from 5500 - 7000 (I used a software
program called street dyno to *estimate* hp.  It said I  was making 318hp
at the crank with the hybrid and 268hp with the k-24), cheap:  $800 for the
turbo $70 for a 360 degree thrust bearing and when the time comes $59 for
garrett rebuild kits.

Cons: Needed to cut the h20 lines and oil feed and drain lines to install.
More lag, seems like power comes on 300 - 400 rpm later (boost comes on
hard at about 3400 rpm 5300 ft).

I'm very happy with the new turbo

Brian Link

Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:14:24 -0800
From: Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at>
To: 200 List <200q20v at>,
	S Cars <s-car-list at>
Subject: To RS2 or Not

  Many thanks to all of you who responded to my query about RS2 vs. the
K24.  A couple of you mentioned Ned's/IA's hybrid turbo which apparently
provides more high end power than a K24; less high end power than an
RS2, but spools up more quickly (at lower RPMs) than the RS2.  If you
are using this turbo could you please contact me?

Greg J

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