re. Broken exhaust manifold studs/reverse/lefthand drill bits

Ben Swann bswann at
Thu Mar 28 13:05:59 EST 2002

i'd like to know.  Went searching around loacally, and NAPA found a set
that they could order.  $200 was the cost, so I told them I'd shop around
some more.

Where to get an inexpensive set of reverse out/left-handed  drill bits?


On Thursday, March 28, 2002 12:18 PM, Fundsalo Racing
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> > 2) If you can find one, us a reverse out(left hand)
> > drillbit.  Start with a
> > smaller size like 1/8' then graduate to larger size
> > 1/4".  This will
> > sometimes catch and extract the stud while you are
> > drilling so you won't
> > have to -
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> Aya, this is the way to go. The heat, vibration and
> weakening of the stud by slowly removing it's guts
> (sounds ghastly - no?) is often enough for the stud to
> break loose from the piece and spin out under the
> torque of the drill & bit. Go slowly and use a
> low-power drill so if the bit jams in the stud the bit
> won't snap off ala 'easy-out'.
> Reverse-twist drill bits are hard to find. (!) Not
> Craftsman, BTDT.... If anyone knows of a nation-wide
> source or cheap mail-order source for reverse-twist
> drill bits please share the source(s) and cost with
> das list.
> Thanks!
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