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>>"Correction factor" is usually defined as Drive Line Loss,

more snips

Say, not to be too picky, but if one were to ask the question slightly
or approach the "losses" in another way, .... does the answer change?

Has any one spent anytime (hey Paul K, I take you've got some time waiting
for Wanker's M3 to show up in the rear view mirror), considering this stuff
(the HP &/torque) really isn't "lost" right?  It's just being sucked up,
absorbed and used by car components in some other way, correct?

So, if you have car (a), stock making 227hp and, what is it, 248 lbft per
the factory at the flywheel; vs. car (b) making ?? 397.5hp & what was it
Mance, 400? 500 lbft of torque.

Car A, running the same drive train, "looses" 25% +/- of its power & torque
somewhere between the flywheel (or crank) and the wheel hubs to which the
four dyanpacks are bolted - ?? that's @ 57hp gone up as ?? heat maybe.  Car
B, using the same transmission, differentials etc. burns up the same 25%
loss.  In Car B's case that's what @ 100 hp now sucked up by the
transmission etc?

Which car needs a transmission cooler?


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