[s-cars] To RS2 or Not? - Which car needs a transmission cooler

mlp mlped at qwest.net
Thu Mar 28 14:04:36 EST 2002

Not moot Ingo, my 6-speed manual either presently has, or was
to be getting a transmission cooler.

More particularly I think what I'm throwing in here is,
is has been suggested that "lost" hp really isn't lost.
I was asked if it didn't have to show up someplace as either
forward motion, or heat, or I don't know????.  But you have
two otherwise identical cars, ie., both weigh the same, both
have the same drive train, gears, oil, grease etc.  Why is one
consuming 25% more power at the wheels?

If you are pumping an extra 40-50hp into your transmission,
say like Car B, manual or automatic, and it isn't going out
the wheels that energy has to be going somewhere doesn't it?


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> Moot point... they're manual transmission cars ;-)

> Or are you throwing tiptronics in there?

I don't think it matters so long as Car A & B have the same transmission.

> Ingo

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