Parts list for fuel pump replacement?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Thu Mar 28 15:44:51 EST 2002

Are there any parts missing from the list below to
replace the fuel pump?  According to Carlsen, nothing
else is necessary, but I don't want to get such an
essential part out and discover I'm short something.
E.g. I thought Bentley showed more than 2 banjo
fittings had to be removed, so more than 4
washer-seals were necessary.  And does the "basket"
have to be replaced, since the new pump is apparently
smaller diameter than the original?

8A0-906-091-G   1 ea.   Fuel Pump
4A0-201-351-C   1 ea.   Fuel Hose
N-102-582-01    1 ea.   Clip (clamp for rubber end of
new Fuel Hose)
N-013-812-8     4 ea.   Washer (seals for banjo
N-904-644-02    1 ea.   O-Ring (for pump assy. to fuel



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