blink codes

Vincenzo Basile Bleaf1 at
Thu Mar 28 20:51:08 EST 2002

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Hi list,drove car today and car seems to be running fine i actually saw 1.7=
 bar in high gear upshifting early on constant basis,but not under full thr=
ottle(thats 1.6).Wellmy question is i tried to pull the blink codes , hooke=
d up the led (1.2watt bulb) touched the other jumpers for the 4 sec. and th=
e led started blinking out the codes ,but nothing showed up on my dash.My b=
rake pad sensor light always just stays on (checked everything cannot get i=
t to shut off) could this be a reason why the codes wont blink out, bad gro=
unds on the circuit board?  also pressed the button to try to see if i coul=
d get anything else besides that brake pad light to go on ,but couldn't ,th=
at's the only thing that comes on besides the radio(stations) .How can i fi=
x this? or is there another way to read those codes? I also checked the #21=
 fuse and it was good.
 One last question were is everyone that is going to the NY auto show meeti=
ng and at what time?

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