Parts list for fuel pump replacement?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Mar 28 21:00:56 EST 2002

If you're getting the smaller diameter fuel pump, you definitely need the
intermediate part that fits around the smaller pump and attaches it to the
basket.  Didi at Carlsen found me the intermediate part, but it required
their getting it from some parts depot in Texas.

I couldn't get my OEM style pump basket out of its mounting without the
tool specified in the Bentley.

The electric connectors to the smaller pump also are different-sized studs
than the originals (if you're getting a Bosch pump, anyway) and require a
larger circular connector.  I had one on hand and just clipped off the old
and crimped on the new.  Bosch doesn't supply nuts on the studs either, so
you need to find one to fit the "new" size.  One of the OEM size nuts will
fit the other stud.

At 03:44 PM 03/28/2002 -0800, Scalmanini Steve wrote:

>Are there any parts missing from the list below to
>replace the fuel pump?  According to Carlsen, nothing
>else is necessary, but I don't want to get such an
>essential part out and discover I'm short something.
>E.g. I thought Bentley showed more than 2 banjo
>fittings had to be removed, so more than 4
>washer-seals were necessary.  And does the "basket"
>have to be replaced, since the new pump is apparently
>smaller diameter than the original?
>8A0-906-091-G   1 ea.   Fuel Pump
>4A0-201-351-C   1 ea.   Fuel Hose
>N-102-582-01    1 ea.   Clip (clamp for rubber end of
>new Fuel Hose)
>N-013-812-8     4 ea.   Washer (seals for banjo
>N-904-644-02    1 ea.   O-Ring (for pump assy. to fuel
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