soundgate saga revisited, part II

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Fri Mar 29 15:53:40 EST 2002


You're not the only one with this dilemma.  Those inputs are apparently just
a bit too high.



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> >At this point, I'm thinking of trying to directly connect the preamp
> >outs from the head unit(Blaupunkt, which means 2.2v preouts, which is
> >the same as the Bose system inputs.)  I think I have a spare harness
> >plug to do this without modification to the car's wiring.
> >
> >I have a feeling I'll get a typical amp "pop", but what the
> >least I'll be able to listen to the stereo for more than 5 minutes at
> >a time.
> So much for that idea.  I just got through moving the RCAs over to
> the chopped soundgate harness.
> Turning the unit on, off, switching tracks, pushing buttons etc cause
> earth-shattering pops...inputs are obviously not matched or
> something.  Except for the really loud pops every so often, however,
> the audio sounded fantastic.
> Brett
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