ign switch

RicebalLDR at aol.com RicebalLDR at aol.com
Fri Mar 29 18:06:24 EST 2002

Hi,  Has anyone replaced the electrical portion of the ign switch? I have
done the whole assbly in the past but was hoping I would not have to get that
deep to replace just the switch. I can't remember if you can get to the set
screws that hold the switch to the mechanical portion? Any thoughts. BTW the
dealer said that this switch (electrical part) has been a problem and was now
redesigned. The one that I just got is made out of a different plastic by the
look of it Vs the ones I had gotten in the past. I believe that over time the
old switch plastic gets brittle and fails letting the spring inside jam the
rest of the works and then breaking the metal part between the switch and
lock assmbly.                       Richard Friedrich   1991 200 TQW  20v

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