BIRA UFO conversion

CL Wong montesawong at
Fri Mar 29 19:49:44 EST 2002

For those of you that are not BIRA members, BIRA has
released their bracket design for a bolt-on UFO
conversion to porsche 996 monoblock calipers.

If you are interested in this conversion you should
contact Greg Amy for details or to let him know you
are interested.  You must join BIRA in order to buy
the brackets.

As I understand it, there hasn't been alot of interest
in such a conversion and the fewer number of bracket
orders results in higher cost to make the brackets.

I drove Taka's car a few weeks ago and can say they
are very impressive with virtually no change in pedal
feel.  If you thought UFOs stopped great you need to
try these brakes.

17" wheels are required and will certainly add to the
cost of the conversion.

Is there any interest here?  or is the typical 200
owner a very different owner than the typical urS4/S6

91 200Q 20v (Hoppen stage 1, Bilsteins, Eibachs, RKE)
97 A4 2.8Q 12v (Shaumberg T/B, K&N panel)
Rockland County, NY

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